Growth Engineer Job Description Cheatsheet

Putting together a job description for a Growth Engineer? Wondering what others are doing? Save time with this cheat sheet! The below tidbits are taken from 30+ job descriptions for Growth Engineers, all from tech companies such as Asana, Airbnb, AdRoll, Cybercoders, Mircosoft, UXPin, and Zenefits, to name a few. Copy and paste what’s relevant to you to build your job description, or just scroll through to get some inspiration.

What do all these job descriptions tell us about growth engineering?

Some quick and dirty word frequency analysis reveals that frequently mentioned 2-word phrases are “a/b testing”, “social media”, and “user acquisition”. A look at 3-word phrases reveals that hiring managers are looking for people with computer science backgrounds that have a mix of analytical, marketing, and mobile skills.

What’s clear is that a growth engineer’s personality and attitude toward growth – be it company, team, or personal growth – matters just as much, if not more than, technical experience. None of the job descriptions mentioned requiring more than 3+ years of engineering experience, while almost every one mentioned the softer skills such as curiosity, acceptance of failure, and a passion for work.

What are the best job description lines?

I used my favorite lines from the job descriptions to create a rough sketch of a growth engineer. What does your ideal growth engineer look like?

Growth Engineer Job Description Cheat Sheet


  1. Job Requirements – Personality
  2. Job Requirements – Values & Attitude
  3. Job Requirements – Education
  4. Job Requirements – General Experience
  5. Job Requirements – Tech Experience
  6. Job Requirements – Marketing Experience
  7. Job Requirements – Analytics & Experimentation Experience
  8. Job Requirements – Tech Language Specific Skills
  9. Job Responsibilities – Build
  10. Job Responsibilities – Grow & Optimize
  11. Job Responsibilities – Analyze & Experiment
  12. Job Responsibilities – Culture & Other
  13. Job Perks
  14. Sylvia’s Favorites



heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 heading 4
Empathetic with customers Innovative Adaptable Mindful
Scrappy Excited to move quickly Creative Self motivated
Team player Engineer first Humble Mature
Responsive Dependable Visionary Friendly
Curious Confident Articulate Resourceful
Collaborative Respectful Data-driven Multitasker
Versatile Love winning  Lack ego Eager to learn
Analytical Obsessive over results Technologically agnostic Internet addict




heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 heading 4
Passionate for clearing roadblocks In the habit of questioning assumptions Continuous learner who sees a failure as opportunity Keen sense of the user
Desire to make a significant impact Want to automate everything Understand the human being on the other end of your code Happy to move quickly
Have strong opinions Accept failure as part of learning Understand that when you and your team win, the company and customers also win Keen appreciation for art, design, and user experience
Deep interest in working for and learning about consumer internet companies You’ll put your heart and soul into projects that flop, but you’ll tackle the next iteration with as much gusto and passion as you did the first time Always connecting your work back to business goals Always meet deadlines
An executor with sense of urgency Excited about work Question and debate everything without taking things personally Strong interest in learning about users behavior
Creativity in problem solving Critical thinking about the current status quo Strong desire to help solve our users’ problems Willingness to learn what you don’t already know
Love a good corporate partnership Passion for technology and design Intrinsic drive to be successful A fearless mindset when tackling challenges
Comfort and delight in a small, intense, high-growth startup environment Passion for finding repeatable and scalable ways to increase growth Incessant need to understand customer behaviour Think perfect is the enemy of good enough
A strong product sense and mental model of how users behave Enjoy variety and working on new and massive codebases alike Live and breathe technology Hunger to make products grow




  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, math or business-related field
  • BA / BS required. Marketing or related field a plus
  • You have a Bachelor’s or better in a STEM field
  • Computer Science degree preferred but not required
  • At least a Bachelor degree in software engineering
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or relevant experience
  • Computer science (or related) degree, coding bootcamp completion, or extensive experience building web/mobile apps
  •  Background in statistics



  • Start-up experience
  • Experience managing personal relationships with vendors or clients
  • Experience with successfully gaining consumer engagement
  • Experience with Growth Hacking including retention
  • Solid Growth Framework knowledge
  • Proven ability to scale a start-up from the ground up
  • Relevant experience in working for (or with) a fast-growth consumer start-up from conception through commercial launch
  • You can spec lower-level development work
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • A general idea of what a company should be doing in the early stages
  • A proven track record of working with a remote team
  • Experience building and maintaining products with real-world usage
  • You have side projects outside of work
  • Experience trying to drive usage for something you’ve built in the past
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, team environment
  • Saas experience is a major plus
  • At least 1 year experience in growth hacking tactics
  • Background in UX
  • Know when to build vs buy
  • Experience scaling and improving performance on evolving software and web applications
  • Previous experience scaling a social media account to impressive numbers
  • Previous experience in a Saas company or role in product (for the sideprojects we work on)
  • Experience working with small teams with Agile methodologies
  • Experience as startup founder
  • Experience being part of large growth team
  • Ability to write compelling, accurate and grammatically correct content at a prompt pace
  • A balance of writing skills, creativity and analytical skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Strong technical, analytical, and product background


  • Prior experience with building architectural patterns for large, high-scale web applications
  • Building web applications in a corporate or startup environment
  • Exceptional proficiency in software engineering
  • Integration skills
  • 3+ years of experience in product management, user acquisition marketing or similar fields
  • 2+ years experience building world class, public facing web applications
  • 3+ years of mobile-specific experience (including both iOS and Android)
  • Track record of delivering massive growth to user base
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Deep understanding SEO/SEM, social and viral mechanics
  • Great full stack programming skills
  • Solid knowledge of current web technologies
  • Are experienced in driving email growth
  • Able to create landing pages and email messages
  • Understanding of cross-browser incompatibilities and HTML best practices
  • Pair-Programming, Agile Methodologies
  • Devoted to writing excellent, clean, and readable code



  • Working knowledge of ad serving tools
  • Great knowledge of different social media platforms
  • Experience in any of the following: Email marketing, content marketing, PR, affiliates, partnerships, sales, SEO
  • Good with paid social e.g. Facebook/Twitter ads, Adwords
  • Have experience with ambassador/loyalty programs
  • Minimum 5 years digital marketing experience



  • Analytical mind applying scientific rigour through A/B Testing and Build/Measure/Learn cycles
  • Intuitive understanding of how to manipulate, analyze and interpret highly complex data
  • You love implementing new flows and setup A/B tests
  • Experience with data pipelines, warehousing and reporting systems
  • Expertise in analyzing large datasets
  • Solid analytical and statistical skills, and an understanding of A/B or multi-variant testing
  • Database knowledge
  • Experience with analytics technologies
  • Deep knowledge of A/B Testing and Build/Measure/Learn cycles
  • Ability to prioritize data-driven decisions and courses of action
  • Experience with new and current user acquisition
  • Analytics, integration, and optimization
  • Understand the difference between data, metrics, and KPIs
  • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Clicky)
  • Experience analyzing data and arriving at actionable recommendations



    •  3+ years server-side web frameworks and languages (preferably Python)
    • Good at JavaScript and PHP
    • Strong with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS)
    • Fluent in both frontend and backend code
    • Have used a MVC web framework, especially Django
    • Knows Python and Scrapy like the back of your hand
    • Open source software and StackOverflow contributions
    • Working knowledge of HTML5/CSS and SQL
    • Familiar with Git, Ruby, RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB as a plus
    • Experience in developing web applications in PHP
    • You know your way around Photoshop and Sketch
    • Programming languages like HTML/CSS/jQuery don’t have any secret to you and you can work with basic PHP
    • Experience interfacing with Web Services platforms and concepts, RESTful APIs, SOAP, and XML/JSON
    • Experience coding clean and well documented object oriented Javascript
    • Experience with Backbone, React, and JQuery
    • Experience with Ruby on Rails or other MVC Frameworks
    • Fluent in 2+ programming languages and willing to learn more
    • Knowledge of HTML, HTTP, REST, and Web Frameworks
    • Fluent in Ruby, RoR and Sinatra
    • Experience building large-scale ad tools
    • Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application
    • Work across the stack: mostly Python/Flask, PostgreSQL, JavaScript (React/JQuery/Backbone) and working with AWS



  • Unify our analytics infrastructure across disparate software and human processes
  • Launch, measure and optimize a referral program for employees, customers, and channel partners
  • Apply performance engineering to cut down on the product’s load times
  • Enable new users to adopt xyz product without speaking to another human being by revamping the registration flow
  • Ship weekly if not daily
  • Find that perfect balance between high quality code and getting a project shipped
  • Work across the codebase on features that unblock whole classes of users, like supporting new platforms or languages
  • Build a user-centric communication platform
  • Internationalise our product so that it continues to adapt and work for our global audience
  • Drive automated and algorithmic approaches to biddable media across retargeting, display, SEM and Social advertising channels
  • Create innovative technology that delights our users so that they are willing to share their positive experience with their friends, colleagues and acquaintances
  • Build features on the bleeding edge of our mobile and web products
  • Maintain infrastructure/systems needed for optimizing both user growth and retention
  • Build front-end campaigns that bend the internet to our will
  • Build internal tools and infrastructure for our data and testing
  • Create and optimize advertising and remarketing campaigns
  • Develop pixel-perfect landing pages or widgets for our growth experiments
  • Scrape, cross-reference, and mine datasets to produce lists of outbound leads
  • Set up and optimize landing pages, media buying, and email automations
  • Come up with and expedite growth hacks to generate inbound and outbound leads
  • Work closely with the CEO to realize vision for data infrastructure and business intelligence tools and hit subscription goals
  • Improve and build new funky stuff on our websites
  • Ensure internal developer experience is best in class
  • Improve internal tooling to increase productivity across the team


  • Amplify natural behaviors such as sharing and word of mouth between users
  • Drive more engagement with the site by sending relevant, personalized emails – this involves determining what users will find engaging, and how to best deliver it
  • Help visitors discover and share our product through social platforms
  • Optimize the site for first-touch visitors, especially in early growth markets
  • Onboard and optimize new channels
  • Find ways to hack channels to acquire traffic and users in ways no one has thought of before
  • Think outside the box to identify new ways to reach and activate users in our target audience
  • Improve areas that especially impact new users, like account setup and invitation flow
  • Meet performance goals through user acquisition, improving conversion rate and reducing churn rate
  • Work with a cross-skill team on complex business problems to drive growth
  • Work directly with the product and engineering teams to guide decisions and instrumentation in the right direction for growth
  • Decide critical pieces of the next big social media, pushing its scale to the millions
  • Define the processes of our emerging growth team
  • Use tools and techniques such as SEO and social media optimization to rapidly grow our audience
  • Think from a customer’s perspective on how we can remove product and/or process roadblocks
  • Think deeply about how our customers find and get traction with our products, and how to remove their roadblocks
  • Apply a proven advertising playbook to new markets and marketing channels in hopes of growing them quickly
  • Weigh in on advertising creative based on test data, cultural attitudes, and national regulations
  • Utilize growth frameworks to drive customer acquisition
  • Own the overall marketing strategy
  • Lead the development, execution and optimization of our digital acquisition efforts
  • Propose creative new approaches to capturing existing demand
  • Create ways to reach a broader target audience more effectively
  • As a Growth Engineer, you would be given goals such as “increase the unique views for our jobs by 10%” and free rein to find ways to achieve it
  • Improve our ability to measure marketing performance
  • Improve site health
  • Optimize existing user acquisition methods as well as constantly explore new growth channels



  • Select and set up analytics tools so we’re able to collect data and make sense of it
  • Perform deep analysis of marketing spend across various channels (display, search, TV, radio, print, etc.) to learn and identify the most effective strategies
  • Measure the reach and usage patterns of our application
  • Make decisions based on data and A/B testing new features and ideas
  • Generate ideas for analysis to shape future projects
  • Analyze app data to continuously refine and improve mobile marketing strategies
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of user segments and target audience: their needs and key drivers throughout customer lifecycle
  • Conduct A/B tests with different features and designs across multiple different platforms
  • Develop dashboards and reports to regularly communicate results
  • Visualize data patterns
  • Design and implement growth experiments, from generating ideas to analysis of experiment results
  • Perform basic and sophisticated analyses to generate product and growth insights
  • Experiment with freemium tools and viral loops
  • Running back-to-back A/B tests on every part of our business
  • Closely monitor core metrics as well as uncover insights not yet appreciated
  • Assist product and marketing teams to interpret results and present them to management without bias to drive business decisions
  • Produce actionable data so we’re able to know what works and monitor progress
  • Work with Product and Platform to set up dashboards, A/B tests, and experiments
  • Design, implement and evaluate A/B tests
  • Approximate the effect of behavior that can’t be interpreted from logging, or even experimentally
  • Develop a hypothesis about what prevents some users from inviting other users, help design an experiment to test that hypothesis, then analyze the results
  • Answer questions like “does usage of a certain feature drive product usage?” and “is this experiment a success?”
  • Model the state of our relationship with each of our monthly visitors
  • Apply deep behavioural learning to create highly targeted engagement



  • Mentor and learn
  • Grow a collaborative, optimistic, and supportive culture
  • Keep current with new developments in design field and inbound marketing
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and trends in digital marketing and UI/UX
  • Share your learnings
  • Wear many hats
  • Be a key decision maker and work very closely with leadership
  • Build relationships with agencies, publishers, and networks
  • Be an evangelist for growth engineering and instill a strong growth mindset internally and externally
  • Participate in creative planning sessions to help define and evaluate growth initiatives
  • Work to solve a defined problem however you feel appropriate
  • Work across both engineering and non-engineering teams to get things done
  • Become fully immersed in synchronous communications, becoming an expert in both UX and engineering implementations
  • Consult with clients on user acquisition/growth hacking strategies
  • Help refine the Growth Team process—what should we focus on? How much risk do we want? What’s the tradeoff of knowledge versus sure(r) wins?



  • Work from anywhere you like
  • Work with smart, fun and diverse people in a fast growing company
  • Getting in on the ground floor of a promising startup
  • Ultimate career destination
  • Exciting job opportunities
  • We believe that you can and should love your job–and be successful at it–and we provide the tools to make that happen
  • You’d take part of an insane growth trajectory
  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Environment that emphasizes the importance of smart and sound engineering
  • We have latitude in terms of what problems we solve, what tools we use and how we solve them
  • All of the team has startup experience, being early employees, going thru accelerators like Y Combinator and everyone has either a Computer Science or Engineering degree (even the product guy)
  • Our opportunity is as big as the number of all workers that have now, or will have access to a smartphone. Go ahead… take a moment and let that sink in
  • Over 20 million people currently use our applications and we are growing out that user base at a rapid pace
  • We are now the fastest growing community since Instagram and Pinterest!


My favorite lines from all the job descriptions are below. What’s yours?

Growth Engineer


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